The Vertical Rod


Our calibrated vertical rod allows you to quickly measure recessed structures at a variety of angles ranging from 0-30 degrees, simply extend the rod, level and read. 

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  • Never remeasure another invert!

    Four calibrated sides allow you to measure from multiple angles and achieve a redundancy of measurement. Get the right invert the first time every time.

  • Speed through measurments

    The Vert rod allows you to quickly collect invert data at multiple angles without second guessing your measurements. Save time and eliminate multiple site visits.

  • Heavy duty tooling

    High strength, aircraft grade aluminum ensure durability and easily allows the rod to push through silt and debris.

  • Office Check

    Use multiple angles to achieve a redundancy of measurement or have your crew match the digital level on the zero side to the angle of the calibrated side they decide to use. The slope distance times the cosine of the angle will give you the corrected vertical distance.


How does it work?

Each side is calibrated to the cosine of the assigned angle giving you the corrected vertical distance when level.

What if i can't measure at the angles provided?

A digital angle finder is included on the zero side of each rod. This allows you to find specific angles and calculate the corrected vertical distance. Instructions included.

Any additional questions?

Feel free to contact us at for any questions or concerns regarding the Vert Rod.

  • sanitary invert rod

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U.S Patent No.

10,775,146 B1